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The Detroit Journal

Episode 4: El Guapo | Trailer

  There’s a new aroma on the streets of Detroit. In our 4th installment, we ride along with the crew of the El Guapo food truck. One of the only food trucks with nearly full access to operate within city limits. The crew of El Guapo are  serving up more than just tacos, these hard working [...]


Episode 2: The Legend of Lightshow Bob | Trailer

On average, It takes him almost 4 hours to set up for a show. But every moment of lugging light racks, untangling wires, and screwing in bulbs is worth it for the man known as Lightshow Bob. It’s an inexplicable passion. Working construction by day and raging on the Lightar by night, Lightshow Bob is [...]


9 Businesses | Trailer

Coming to Signal Return Wednesday, January 25th @7pm w/ musical guests Oak Bones A local business is the heart of a community, a place that helps creates relationships between residents and lets them directly impact a city’s economy. In Detroit, small businesses are rapidly taking root in neighborhoods all over the city. From coffee shops [...]


What Do You Want For Christmas, Detroit? | Trailer

We asked the people on the streets of Detroit one question. It’s an easy question, really. Music composed & performed by Brian Miller “Where is Christmas” Help support a local Detroit artist, download “Where Is Christmas” by Brian Miller on iTunes


Episode 1: William Foster is a Good Man | Extended Trailer

After a lifetime of desperation and addiction, William Foster shares his story. Years of homelessness, drugs, and eventual incarceration led him on a path darker than many could survive, but Williamfound the light. This is his story. A Detroit story. Music: “Good Man” Raphael Saadiq On iTunes & raphaelsaadiq.com Created and produced by The Detroit [...]


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