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The Detroit Journal

Opening Day: Trailer

Some say it’s the unofficial first day of Spring. Some say it’s just another reason to party. So we went down and asked the people of Detroit what opening day is really all about. The full film will be released on the evening the Tigers win their 7th game of the season. From the looks [...]


Marche Du Nain Rouge 50mm

One march that will banish an evil spirit from the city, and one 50mm lens. We’re always down with banishing evil spirits from our fair city. So we brought a camera to capture some of the sorcery that took place Sunday, March 25th, 2012. Created & Produced by The Detroit Journal Music: “Adeniji” by Budos [...]


Corktown Parade 50mm

One day, one parade, one 50mm lens. Shot during the 54th Annual Detroit St. Patrick’s Parade in Corktown March 11th, 2012 Created & Produced by The Detroit Journal Music: “Go Outside” by Cults cultscultscults.com


Friday Blowout 50mm

One night, one 50mm lens. All shot at the Metro Times Blowout on Friday, March 3rd 2012. Bands & locations in order- Detroit Party Marching Band & Destroy This Place @ Lightning Love @ Future Slang @

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@Celebration for Sista Otis w/ Lightshow Bob

On Friday, February 17th, The Detroit Journal cruised around with Lightshow Bob as he got ready to set up his rig for the  at We Took some photos. More are coming soon…


Behind the Scenes: Episode 2

Episode 2 coming at the end of the month. It’s gonna be a GOOD one. Stay tuned for the trailer and more!


From Utrecht to Detroit, Friso Wiersum

We recently recieved an email from Friso Wiersum. This email’s objective was to share the story of Friso and his experience as an artist in residence in our fair city. The more we looked into this project the more interested we became. Expodium is a Dutch arts institute that sends artists to cities in order [...]


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